Friday, June 18, 2010

Would You Like Some Wensleydale, Gromit?

Quote of the day:
Julia, "I am going to tell Nickt about your naughtiness!"
Me, "What is my naughtiness?"
Julia,"You were going to eat me!"
(ok, I was pretending to eat her).

Wanna know how to get a great workout?  Live at the top of a long sloping hill and push two children down it in a stroller.  Know why?  You have to then push one of them back up : )

Yes, I did that this morning.

Then we proceeded to chill (aka, breakfast, telly, etc.)  Then, BATH TIME for Julia : )  Her hair is AMAZING!  When it is wet it just hangs in a mass of teeny tiny curls....I would love to have hair like that....for at least a day.

Then, it was time for cake and.....Wallace and Gromit!!!!! Or in the words of Julia, "Wallace and Dromit." I have been trying to watch it for ages and she kept not wanting to.  Well, FINALLY we did : )  My cup of tea was fantastic and her cake (and mine) was amazing!!!
(I need to have some more cheese and cream crackers).

I had a skype date with Daddy which was wonderful!  Michael is now in Florida = )

I then did basically nothing....oh except I watched Fran and Shister Meffield get married ; )  Not the same without my wonderful and dear Roommate whom I love dearly!

We ordered pizza, watched Shrek 2, watched England NOT beat Algeria....ugh, and FINALLY got to talk to my wonderful roommate!!! It was sooo great to speak with her!  She, as usual, gave me more wisdom in another aspect of walking with Jesus.  I love her for that.  And many other reasons as well!

Then another skype date and the BEACH tomorrow!  I must figure out my bus route and pack : )

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