Tuesday, June 15, 2010


You know, I love kids.  I have always looked forward to getting married and having children someday.  The past three weeks (as of tonight) have been trying at times.  The kids are so sweet but I find myself getting frustrated so often.
This afternoon we were going over numbers (which shows me how much learning I have yet to do about being a teacher) and then playing Candy Land (I didn't get Queen Frostine : ( They changed her name to Princess Frostine. Lame.).  I kept getting impatient and kindness and love were definitely not exuding from me.  I realized, they are 3 and 5.  I need to show them love and patience.  I can't expect them to know everything.  It is hard because looking back I feel as if I knew so much when I was there age.  Chances are I acted very similarly.  Actually, funny, because Julia plays pretend a lot and has conversations with herself and "others" and it reminds me of myself : )

I have been wondering if I will be able to handle motherhood.  I hope so.  It is scary to think about....  I guess since they will be my own it will be different than watching other people's children.

Anyway, I just need to work on loving with God's love. Well, asking Him to give it to me!
I need to remember these children are young.  I am given the gift of instructing them and being an example.  I need to make sure I am an example that they should look to.

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