Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sweltering heat, crazy tennis, busy children...and a little surprise : )

Oh my word!  It is SO hot!  Ok, so compared to Florida maybe not, but in Florida there is air conditioning. I am on the top floor of my house with no AC.  So yes, I am boiling!

However, since I last posted on here I have had some lovely time off, during which, I watched England win, Nadal win, Murray win, Serena win, Isner win (finally!!!), Roddick win (although, I may not have seen it all), and Federer win (I didn't watch it all).  This has been a VERY exciting Wimbledon!  Record breaking match, the "greats" having to fight for their positions, and Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II visited Wimbledon today for the first time in 33 years to watch Andy Murray win.  Chances are, if he makes it to the finals, she may come again :  )  I was thinking, if I was the Queen of England and I had an ENTIRE Royal Box at my disposal (a front row seat at that), I would definitely be attending more Wimbledon than just every 33 years!  I am assuming everyone in the Royal Box knows her because everyone seemed to be quite content watching the match instead of freaking out that the Queen was RIGHT THERE! Ok, that SO would have been me!

Anyway,  the other morning my devotions were very awesome!  Although, I hugely need prayer because I feel this disconnectedness from God and I hate it!  I just want to feel His presence!  I want to hear His voice!  I must say, I am not doing the greatest of jobs learning the lessons He is trying to teach me.  So, prayer that I would be obedient and open to being molded into His image even more would be greatly appreciated and welcomed!!!

Today I went to call a friend and leave a voicemail for them, because they are at camp.  However, when I called, their phone rang!  I was so surprised, and I was even more surprised when they answered!  Anyway, I was blessed with an almost 15 minute conversation with a great friend!  Surprise!

I am making plans for the weekend.  It looks as if I will be attending Hillsong again but this time Lenae and Megan will be accompanying me!!!  SO excited!  We will then explore London!  Let us prepare for some intense walking!  I hope it is not too warm!  Ooooo I just realized.....there are tennis stars in London...maybe I will bump into Nadal!

Anyway, the kids are doing well.  Providing many laughs for me as well as teaching me patience.....which I still have not learned.

Anyway, bed soon and a COLD shower!!!


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  1. Praying for you Kristen! You have such a sweet heart towards the Lord and His working in your life! I hope you girls have an amazing time together this weekend! I know you will have so much fun & be so blessed by your time at hillsong!


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