Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Family Time!

Yesterday I FINALLY got to see family members!  Let me tell you, I was pretty excited!  The kids and I had a lovely morning singing christmas songs around the breakfast table (you know me : ) ) and then Mary made Banana Bread Muffins....deliciousness!!!

THEN Uncle Gavin arrived and whisked me away to Starbucks (mmmm yuuuummy)!  However, we made a quick stop at the Marks and Spencer so I could pick up my perfume I have been out of (IT SMELLS DIFFERENT!).  I then drank my Starbucks Hot Chocolate out of a glass mug (it is standard in England : ) ) and discussed the many differences between English Starbucks and American Starbucks.  We discussed plans and life and the wedding in August (my aunts) and all sorts of stuff.  Then we had to make a dash and pick up Auntie Lisa (we were late) and went home where a delicious meal almost awaited us : ) It was soooo good! 

Anyway, we just had a good time chatting and laughing.  Then Uncle Gavin and I took Rex (the dog) for a walk.  However, we have to drive to the place we walk him and guess who gets to ride up front? Yep, not me, the "pampered pooch."  So, we had a nice little walk minus the dog almost getting hit.  We chatted about family and drove by the house they all used to live in as kids where Daddy carved his name in the block : )

When we got back to the house I got to try the XO (extra old) marmite and then Uncle Gavin and I just hung out.  We looked up cricket (yup, planning to go to a match : ) ), talked about Grandma and family, and just really bonded which was awesome because I really don't know my English family THAT well!  

All in all a GREAT day!

Then I was debating about Wimbledon....well the verdict is in....*dun dun dun*

Wimbledon.  Men's Finals.  Grounds Tickets.  Picnic with Jess (aka Cousin Date).  How fantastic?!  The only thing better would obviously be to actually be IN the arena!!!!

Well, au revaderci!

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