Friday, June 11, 2010

England, My England

As I sit here writing I am eating my warmed donut, courtesy of Uncle Gavin, and sipping a cup of tea!  Now, a quick plug for these donuts, they are not too sweet (although this morning they seem sweeter than they did yesterday) and are very soft and yummy!

Yes, I am with a 3 year old.  Want to know how I can tell?  We are watching the Wiggles.  I have not seen this show since Trey stopped watching them.  "Fruit saled, yummy yummy!" Hahaha oh, I remember those days.  I simply cannot say fruit salad without thinking of that song : O  Yesterday there was a show on CBeebies (a childrens station) and there was this show that seemed like such a spin off of Teletubbies.  Yes, I watched Teletubbies.  *side note* I just googled Teletubbies.  It still plays, on that CBeebies channel. That makes me smile a little bit. I remember when the show was new.

Anyway, yesterday was pretty layed back.  Julia was sick and she finally lay down for and TOOK a nap!  I then took care of my passport stuff....after many complications it will hopefully be on its way to Daddy's VERY soon!  Then I was off to pick up Jude from school.

Now, England is a place that has influenced my life, through my parents, for my entire life!  (*pause* Julia is singing with the Wiggles and doing what they do. Very cute : ).) *play*  My walk to Jude's school takes me past a golf course, a farm, and lots of trees and greeness!  When I walk by wide open English space I miss the countryside.  I want to go into Kent, where my family is from, and just drive about!  There is so much in England that triggers my memory to books I have read, movies I have seen, and things I have done.  I realized a while ago and even more yesterday, I don't think the England that I picture in my mind and love so much exists any more.  This is not to say I don't love it here, but in town school children walk from school in the typical uniform......with an ipod in their ear that is playing loud pop (etc) music.  This is one example of my bubble being popped about England : )

When I walked by the farm I got the urge to watch All Creatures Great and Small!  I also want to go explore in the country and see if I can find any of that left over in some small town somewhere!  When I walk by the fields I get the urge to go for a long walk over the moors (*pause* Thomas the Tank Engine is now playing : ) It is proper, they have English accents!)  *play* or over some field like in Sense and Sensibility (imagine the movie).  Yes, I wouldn't mind being caught in the rain.  Or being rescued by some gentleman on a horse.....ok ok my romantic, novel mind is coming out.  I wouldn't mind just sitting on the top of a hill in the pouring rain looking out on miles of hills or miles of hills with a small cottage or large estate tucked away amidst the greeness.  Of course, I must be wearing a pretty, long dress for dramatic effect : )

Anyway, sometimes I think of my Enid Blyton books and wish I could have some grand adventure on the coast with a bicycle, some friends, and a mystery : )  Or something like that.....

Oh yeah!  When Jude and I walked back home there was a Lollipop Lady (crossing guard)!  I just thought to myself, "Yes, I am in England..." hahaha amazing!

I went to Uncle Gavin's for supper which was loads of fun!  I definitely feel as though I am in an English home when I visit them!  I had my fill of yummy food, tea, donuts ; ), good laughs, and soap operas!  Did you know Coronation Street has been running since it was in Black and White?  Thats right, Uncle Gavin dated himself last night!  Longest running soap opera in England.  I felt terrible for one gentleman who has been part of the cast since he was a child!  Now, he plays an older gentleman's role.  How sad....your whole career, a soap opera....

Well, today I am going back over there later for spicy meatballs and pasta.  Tomorrow....hopefully exploring and going into an old bookshop!

Well, cheerio : )

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