Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bank Holiday = )

Main Entry: bank holiday
Function: noun
Date: 1871
1 British : legal holiday
2 : a period when banks in general are closed often by government fiat

Yesterday was my very first Bank Holiday!  What a day it was!
Preparations for our barbeque began before I even woke up!  Kabobs, homemade hamburgers, barbeque chicken, homemade grilled potato slices, pita (store bought), crisps, homemade salsa, sodas, AND yuuummmy homemade cupcakes and cake!  Chocolate abounded in those desserts : )

People from Tim's work and friends of theirs from their children's schools came over for a visit AND Lenae came over!  It was SO wonderful to see yet another familiar school face (since I just saw Sarah the other day).  We caught up on our time in England so far and she told me some hilarious stories (I have a feeling she has posted them on her blog ; ) ).  So far the only really funny thing to happen to me, that I forgot to write about in my previous post, was I was trying to get back my house without having to walk ALL the way back.  So, I hopped on a bus and instead of going straight IT TURNED!  I quickly hit the stop button hopped off and walked back.  I then waited at another bus stop and the bus FINALLY came and DIDNT stop. Oy!  So, I thought to myself, "Alright God, I will keep walking." I waited at the next one. Finally gave up and decided God must have wanted me to get even MORE exercise : ) 

Anyway, back to the original topic of the bank holiday.  So, we then ate lots of yummy food, talked some more, watched the children play, THEN we began to plan what we want to do for our birthdays!  So, God is awesome.  Let me just say that I have always wanted to spend my birthday with school friends (ESPECIALLY since coming to CIU).  Well, this year I was really talking to God about it because it would just be so special.  Well, it now looks as if I will be with friends from school to celebrate = ) = ) = )  Needless to say, I am THRILLED!  We are thinking dinner, theatre, and the London Eye (maybe)!!! Anyway......

Oh, yeah, well I am legal in England.  So, they had opened a bottle of white wine and I really wanted to try some legally.  Well, they were pouring it in plastic cups and I really didn't want my first legal drink to be out of a plastic cup.  So, I asked Mary if i could use a wine glass.  She let me.  Then, Lenae documented it.  It was pretty funny actually.  So, next on the bucket list, PINK Champagne.  I WILL try pink Champagne before I leave Europe....I hope!  For those of you who have never seen An Affair to Remember with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr, I suggest watching it!  Sleepless in Seattle was based from it and they have pink champagne on the boat : )

Well, everyone began to leave, Lenae figure out her bus route home and arrived without injury and creepy cigarette guy being there, I washed dishes, relaxed, Mary and I talked for a long time (which was lovely)!

Anyway, today is now Tuesday and the kids have the week off for half term so we are having a bit of a slow morning, which is quite lovely!  I do believe some tennis will be in order soon (French Open! Wimbledon in three weeks or so!!!!!)

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