Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pools, Bible Songs, Children, and a bus ride ; )

Today...all I can say is I am tired!  
I had a delicious breakfast!  Grampaw would have been proud...I easily got into my hard boiled egg that I ate with Marmite on toast.  I also had tea and toast with apricot jam (not really marmalade).  Needless to say it was scrumptious!

Then...what did I do then...oh, well, I watched some tennis (of course), the kids played outside, and I made lunch (rather yummy sandwiches if I do say so myself).  When Mary got back from shopping she had bought a little wading pool.  It needed to be blown up....guess who got that job?  Yup, me.  Wasn't too bad...just took a lot of air!
So, I thought...ohhh they will play in the pool=I need to watch and make sure no one drowns=I will be in the sun=my legs will get tan=so did not happen.  I am telling you...England is like that Marshmallow WAY above the flames so it takes forever to get any color (and yes, I will be teaching science one day ; P).
Anyway, afterwards we went inside and THEN I went downtown via bus.  Ok, I hopped on (the right bus this time) and the only available seats could not be gotten to or were backwards so I walked to the back and sat in a backwards seat.  I was facing three people and decided that instead of sitting there in uncomfortable and expected silence I decided to say hi (yes, Daddy, to three strangers).  Oh, if only I had one friendly, "How are you doing?" started this man into a monologue the length of the bus ride.  He went from talking about something I could not understand to talking about this girl who at age 15 was on the street smoking and doing drugs to talking about these people and their street addresses, etc. (he may have mentioned a war....I don't remember).  The man sitting next to him began to tell him to "shhh...I don't want to listen to you."  That was funny!  Well this man had a cane and when the lady in the seat a bit in front of him moved I took her chair....wondering if I was going to get  bop on the head with a cane from a slightly strange man.  Well, he then started walking the bus and even the bus driver looked back....FINALLY I see my bus stop coming up.  I hit the "stop"button and the man gets off TOO...BUT he went the other direction : ) *sigh of relief*.  I then ran my errand (aka bought a birthday present), put my letters in the post, had an uneventful ride home and continued my afternoon.  That included watching a rerun of Federer's sad lost to Soderling (booo).  I was somehow hoping for a different such thing was to happen.  Oh well, Nadal for the French and Federer for Wimbledon (or Murray....because it is England!)!
I then made homemade pizza sauce for the very first time!!! It was rather delicious, I thought!  However, my white shirt did not escape spot free and of course, my blue and white shorts....well the tomato sauce found a whote spot to dot up instead of a blue spot....
Then bed, a yummy dessert, talked to my darling Becky, and am not heading to bed....I hope!

Now just waiting on Auntie Michele's decision ; )

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