Saturday, June 12, 2010

"That's English?!"

Ricky Ricardo: There's no need making fun of my English.
Lucy Ricardo: That's English?

This is what I have thought of on several occasions since arriving in England.  The same language I have grown up speaking....yet, at times, I feel as if I am a foreigner.  

I arrived in London and was driven home in a taxi.  The taxi driver spoke with such thick cockney I could hardly understand a word he said.  When I visit my uncle....I find it hard to understand Lisa (not too much, but at first it was a challenge at times) and his mother-in-law, and Lisa's siblings.  My my....I do think I am getting better but sometimes I find myself looking to Uncle Gavin to "translate" for me.  When he is not there....I just hope I understand it all or smile and say something that I hope makes sense.  

Here is the thing, I think I speak clearly.  Yet, Lisa and her mum have a hard time understanding me sometimes, especially when I speak too quickly.  So, I must learn to speak slower and by the time I leave, I hope to have mastered understanding what they all say : )

Now, another funny word slip up I made yesterday....
Uncle Gavin and I were in the car and we drove my this young boy whose trousers were too short.  Well, I wanted to make sure I said the right word so I am thinking super fast and speaking and it came out something like this, "That boy's knickers are short."  Translation:  "That boy's underwear is short."  Gah...I couldn't believe it.  Of course I laughed.  We both laughed.  I still find it very funny. 

So, here are some words:  English word and then what it means in the USA.

Coach-Bus (long distance, I think)

That's all I can think of for now....
Anyway, today is a BIG game! England vs. USA!

I was told my a friend I had to choose.  I have chosen.  ENGLAND!
If the USA wins, well, I will still be happy.  Yes, I am allowed to be.  
Oh, I am hoping to watch the game in a pub!!! How exciting to watch such a great game in English pub atmosphere = )

Well, my day calls!

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