Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy Birthday, Wolverine

Freshman Throwback; Superbowling
 I have this friend who refuses to tilt her fedora like Sinatra.
Instead, she wears it flat on her head.
Mules should take stubborn lessons from her.
Cats could take loyalty lessons from her ;)

We became friends our Freshman year.
Our personalities are very different, but we click.
I call her Hollander.
She teases me about what ever girly, pink, sparkly, dramatic, crazy planning thing I happen to do.

During our sophomore year she brought it to our hall's attention that someone was stealing her food.
My roommate and I promptly went and told her it was not us, but we felt so guilty.
Then, we (Hollander and I) surprised everyone by doing a wicked rendition of Loathing from, you guessed it, Wicked.  (We were awesome)

Holland is creative, talented, spontaneous, and a little bit crazy (in the good way).
And, I am most blessed to have her as a friend!
She has stretched my character.
She is a true friend.

Happy Birthday and I love you, Hollander!

P.S.  And she doubles as Wolverine!

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