Saturday, January 12, 2013

There She Is, Miss America

Before the Pageant
 Watching Miss America is something I hope to do my whole life.

I love the excitement, experiencing the emotion, critiquing the wardrobe choices, and criticizing the changes I don't like.  This year was the first time I watched it physically alone.  However, I was skyping with Marie, talking on the phone with my mother and step-mother, texting multiple people, and keeping track of who I liked on my chart.

As usual, the network (ABC) threw in some twists.  I don't like the decision to allow the public to vote someone in who otherwise might not have made it.  We do not know all that the judges know.  All we see is a pretty face or, in the case of this year's People's Choice winner, a cause we feel sympathy towards (I am not at ALL knocking Miss Montana.  She is beautiful and has conquered great challenges to do what she has done).  However, only the judges can critique the interviews, which counts for a lot.  They see and judge the girls' character to the best of their abilities.  They know who will be a good choice to be a role model to people everywhere.

Anyway, congratulations to Miss New York!  I am sure she will do an excellent job as Miss America 2013.  My step-mom actually helped with the Miss New York 2012 pageant, so she was especially happy.  My first and second choices were Miss Wyoming and Miss South Carolina.  Unfortunately, Miss Wyoming did not place as high as I would have liked.

Also, was anyone else irritated that the Miss America song was not played???

After the Pageant

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