Monday, January 7, 2013

The Return of Downton: Celebrate!

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The third season of Downton Abbey premiered last night.  I've only been waiting since...June?  My gratification was delayed because of this little thing called work.  But, upon arriving home around midnight, I watched the first episode (and ate some Christmas chocolate)!

Initially, it was difficult getting back in the swing of things, but after twenty minutes or so, things went back to normal.  It was exciting, intriguing, and satisfying.  I appreciate the writers allowing us to see the wedding, rather than postponing till the next episode.  In fact, that is what I like about the way the show is written.  There is a level of completeness, even when many situations are still unresolved.  Like the end of season two.  Instead of making us anxiously wait SIX MONTHS for Matthew to propose, they rounded out the season with a most lovely the snow...with stars, if my memory recalls correctly.  It was a dream.

A few of my favourite Downton people:
-Lady Grantham: Her wit and humor are fabulous.  I will always side with her (my apologies, Mrs. Crawley).
-Lady Mary: Her line at the wedding, "I should hate to be predictable."  She exudes class and adventure.  One of my goals.
-Lady Cora Crawley: Patience, wit, and totally in control...well, except over her money (poor thing).
-Shirley MacLaine as the American Grandmother:  Brilliant move.  She is fabulous!  "Now Mary, do tell me all of your wedding plans, and I'll see what I can do to improve them."

Least favourite Downton people:
-Thomas: Smug, irritating, and deceitful.
-Mrs. O'Brian: Sly, manipulative, and odd loyalties

In a few weeks I will be home on a Sunday night, which means, Mama and I must make tea and scones to enjoy episode three!

Do you love Downton, too?
I'm happy to say, I've hooked several people on to the show ;)


  1. I can't wait to catch up on Downton! We missed the first episode, but we'll catch up online and follow along now. I love your favorite, and least favorite characters. I couldn't agree more.

    1. Definitely do! I recommend making some tea and scones, too!


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