Sunday, January 13, 2013

Another Thought, Another Step

Photo by K.L.R
I don't understand.....

My mind flooded this week.  Thoughts, scenarios, ideas, emotion, contemplation, and much more caused me sleep deprivation, stress, happiness, and, possibly, slight depression.  Next week is the ending of a section of a chapter.  The pretty squiggle that separates parts of a story will be made, and my time of work and life in Lynchburg will end.

I'm waiting for definitive answers of what will come next.  Monday night, after work, I will drive home, take many of my belongings with me, visit some people, tend to some responsibilities, and then drive back to fulfill my last two days of work.

The future is bright and exciting, filled with the unknown.  Someone reminded me today to be still know that God is God.

As I approach decisions and crossroads, I will pray for guidance, seek wisdom, and not stand still.  I must move forward, ever pushing on doors to see which one will open.

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