Friday, January 4, 2013

Just An Average New Years...with Nerf Guns

New Years Day was full of family.
Most of the cousins were together.
Best time of the day, you ask?
When they brought out a nerf gun and started shooting at the bay window in the living room (you know, the room with the breakable stuff  ;) ).
My cousin, Gabriel, grabbed a couple of dry erase markers and drew a bulls eye on the window.
Then, from ages 3 to 50+ we clamored for a turn at shooting the gun.
**I was the only one to get a straight bulls eye!**

Of course, the usual happened.
We watched the Rose Parade, ate tons of food, drank New Years punch, played games, watched football, laughed, and enjoyed the little ones.


  1. haha! looks fun, Happy New Year to you!! xx


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