Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Productivity Achieved?

After writing my motivation list, I did get out of bed.

On my to do list was a trip to the post office.  I stood in line far longer than I would have preferred.  But, I was given the opportunity to listen to small town chatter, observe, and have a few chuckles.  The weather was glorious.  Rather than immediately going to my car, I decided to take some time to walk through town.

There is a new tea room in town.  Next door, an Irish/Scottish shop is open (except it was closed today).  I peeked through the Irish/Scottish window, and what should I see?  Digestives and red label Yorkshire tea.  I may have had a little freak and immediately tweeted about this wonder.

Anyway, back to the tea room.  Actually, another side note about tea rooms.  In one of the Christy movies, a tea room opens in a nearby town.  This tea room serves whiskey or moonshine in tea cups and strippers provide the entertainment.  That memory sometimes pops in my head after saying "tea room."

Now, really, back to the tea room.  It is tucked away in a cute corner.  Mixed and matched tea cups decorate the tables, and tea pots take up residence in the table centers.  There are three menus: breakfast, lunch, and tea.  I can't wait to pop in and try some of the yummy items!

Now, I relax and wait for White Collar to come on television at 10.  I may do something productive between now and then...but I don't suggest holding your breath : )

Have a lovely night!

1 comment:

  1. Love me some White Collar - oh, and some tea. Hmm, I should make some tea...


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