Monday, January 21, 2013

If You're Curious...

It's been a while since I shared any sort of life update.

The time has arrived.

For close to two months I have pursued various options for this spring, and slowly watched as each option was eliminated.  I was all set to move to England in February.  Then, after searching for jobs, jobs began finding me.  I was adamantly against staying in the United States for any time longer than absolutely necessary.  However, based on my track record of being adamantly against something and then finding myself wanting whatever it was I was adamantly against, I began processing different ideas.

I sought thoughts from others.  I prayed about it.  Everything seemed to be pointing to England.  Well, after a wonderful conversation with Mrs. C, an interview with the newspaper, and several discussions with my parents, I decided to postpone moving.  There are many factors, some large and some small.

I will continue substitute teaching, I am now a part-time reporter for our local newspaper (first official job is tomorrow!), and there may be some other little endeavor up my sleeve.

England is in my DNA, it is in my heart.  I will be a part of it soon enough.  For now, I am going to engage in friendships, familyships, and gaining life experience.


  1. i'm sure you will get here one day! Good luck with the reporter job, how exciting!!


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