Sunday, January 6, 2013

Wanting to Write and Not Wait

Photo by K.L.R.
Excitement and anticipation are two of the most overwhelming emotions.
All I want to do is write. But, it is not time to share what I want to share.
I must remember, these are my Roaring Twenties, and I want them to be good.
I should make a painting or a collage to remind myself.

In the months after graduation, I had to figure out how to no longer be an official student.  The realization hit me a few days ago, I am in real life.  I am here, standing, not missing college (except for the occasional day).  I am finding a new identity (title wise).  Moving on is part of life, albeit a difficult part, and certainly my least favourite part.  I don't ache missing my church any longer.  The vacancy is there--probably will always be--but I have to move forward.  (Ok, maybe I just ignore missing it to avoid the ache...but I have definitely improved.)

I feel a bit in limbo. 
It should go away soon. 
I'll start a new life. 
I'm off and away!
*Feeling a little Seussy*

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