Tuesday, July 20, 2010

English Faux Pas...

So, I am pretty sure I committed a Fashion Faux Pas (Stacy and Clinton would not have approved) this morning.  Actually, I know I did.  However, it did not hit me until it was already committed how bad it truly was.  I received a phone call from Mary this morning saying Jude had left something he needed for school and would I please meet them with it.  I was thinking, "Oh, they are just at the bus stop, a quick run up and back."  So, I left Julia and took the dog to Jude.  I went toward the bus stop....they were not there.  I look down the hill...yep there they are, so I start walking....and realize, oh yeah, I live on a very busy road.  Everyone can see me.  I am in my pajamas.  I am in BOXERS!  Hello.  I wanted to melt.  I kept walking.  I kept thinking, oh well, they don't know me.  Ok, I will just keep going.  I am in England.  They don't do this.  Oy.  Yet, when I thought about it, some people do wear very odd things.  Just not boxers.  That will so not happen again: 0

Anyway, I ended up watching the kids today so after Jude got home from school we watched Toy Story 2 in preparation for Toy Story 3 on Saturday = )  Ok.  I want to point out that when Buzz is giving his motivation speech to the toys just before they find Al's Toy Barn and it gets all patriotic and the AMERICAN flag flies behind him....yeah well not on the one.  They have a rotating globe.  Ok, I am so not pulling an ethnocentric anything, HOWEVER, it is an American film, in the USA, hence the USA flag, so WHY change it?!

That is all.

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