Sunday, July 25, 2010

The LONG way to get to church....

Please bear with me.
I did not want to wake up this morning.
I dragged myself out of bed at twenty past eight and had my quiet time.  All the while trying to decide if I was going to go to Bromley Baptist Church, where Daddy attended, or go with Mary and Tim to their church.  I decided to go ahead and go to Bromley Baptist.  I wrote down brief and vague directions (bus numbers and stops) and left.  I saw a bus coming up the hill so I ran up the hill to beat it to the bus stop.  I did.  As I was catching my breath and getting my bus pass out....the bus drove right on by.  I forgot to stick my hand out.  Fail.  Thankfully, another one came soon after.

I got off and waited for the 122.  It eventually came.  I hopped on and it took me into an area I was not familiar with but eventually things stuck out.  I missed my stop somehow and just got off when I saw the next bus I needed would stop there.  About 20 minutes later it arrived.  Gah.  I am late.  It is 10:30.  Church starts at 10:30.  Well, I hop on and end up in Lewisham.  What?!  How?!  I am SO confused!  So, I wait for the next 261 bus going in the direction I just came from.  It comes.  After I pass up buses going in the direction of my Uncle's house and my house.  I ask the driver where my stop is.  He does not know.  I get off at a stop that looks about right.  I wander looking for some place I can ask directions.  I see Sainsbury's.

I am about to call my Uncle and ask for directions.  Just then I see the 202.  It will take me back to Blackheath.  I hop on.  Three minutes later I am in Blackheath.  I was SO close but so far away!  Basically....I am pretty sure I have just found an easier route to take.  Oy.  Anyway, now it it.....11ish or a bit after (I think a bit after).  Now, decisions.  Starbucks and quiet time with Jesus or Church.  Church wins.  Another 15 minutes of walking, losing sight of the steeple, and essentially taking the really out-of-the-way route, I arrived.  I figure I can meet Tim and Mary after the service.  I arrive for the last fiveish minutes of the sermon.  Now prayer.  A song, I think, and then communion (which includes reading prayers).  Then we take communion.  This involves sharing a cup.  Okok.  I can do this.  I take the bread.  Eat it.  However, I failed at the glass part.  I didn't really take it from her hands (I didn't realize I was supposed to. Whoops.)  On the bright side.  The wine was reaaaally good.  Sweet tasting.

Church ends.  Mary and Tim are at home.  I read and wait for the bus.  I get on the bus.  I ride home.  I am now thankfully home.

What a morning!  And it only took 3 hours and 22 minutes : )  Including writing this blog!

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