Saturday, July 24, 2010

No Sleep

I have been tired since about 2 or 3 this afternoon!
It is in 12:02 AM.
I pushed myself past bedtime and the result is, I cannot sleep.
I am so tired!
My mind will not stop thinking!
Oy vey!
I want to sleep.
I am thinking about the travels I might take.
I am trying to plan Germany out in my mind.
I am thinking about things that will happen when I return home.
I am thinking about friends.
I am thinking about my parents.
I am trying to decide where I am going to go to church in the morning.
I am typing with ear plugs in.
It makes the typing sound funny.
More official.
As if I am writing quickly.
For a deadline.
For an important newspaper.
If only...
No, I do not aspire to be a great journalist.
Although, it would be fun!
I would like to sleep.
I have a hopeful skype date tomorrow.
2PM my time.
9AM their time.
Actually their=approximately 5 people.
I might go to Israel.
Can you imagine?
That is what I am doing.
And Greece.
I keep thinking about what I will see.
I am thinking about France.
That roadtrip I want to take.
And you wonder why I cannot sleep.
This could continue for a while.
I am typing without my glasses on.
I am doing surprisingly well.
I can see enough to know when I make a mistake.
My roommate cannot.
Poor thing.
BUT she is in SHANGHAI!!!!!!!
Pray for her!
She is having eye trouble.
New contacts.
I miss her soooooo much!
I miss Becky too!!!
I cannot wait to see the two of them!
Just think.
7 months.
9 countries.
2 continents.
This is incredible!
God has been so good!

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