Thursday, July 22, 2010


What. A. Day.

Ok, 1.  I did a writing analysis by copying and pasting different blog entries.  These were 3 of my 4 results:  Stephen King (Really?), Cory Doctorow (Who?), Someone I don't remember, and James Joyce (Aha! I know that one! Except on that entry I was hoping for Jane Austen).  Anyway, my experiment shall be to put in an excerpt from Jane Austen and see what the analysis shows. Hehehe.

2.  Today was long.  And trying.  I look forward to sleep tonight and a shorter day tomorrow : )

3.  Julia's quote of the day: "Jude waked-ed me with his snoozes (snoring)." Hahahaha that little girl cracks me up!

4.  I decided to go for a walk tonight!  I saw two foxes (I am pretty sure the second one was a fox), two cats, and ate some yuuuummy blackberries!!!

5.  Miss America has it's 90th showing on January 15th.  I am happy and sad.  That means no school party, but I get to watch it at home and point out what should be different to make it better with my mother = )

6.  I really need to go to bed!

7.  Goodnight!

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