Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Late Night Phone Calls.....

*ring ring (ok, actually a cell phone tone)* I hear my phone ringing beyond my ear plugs.  I think to myself, "Is it someone who doesn't know I have this phone or is it Mary?"  It's Mary.  I answer, "Hello?"  I hear, "Would you like some pizza?"  I think to myself, why in the world are they having pizza?  They must have gotten hungry, as I say, "No (I don't remember if I said thank you)."  Mary laughs and then tells me that Tim is going to take Jude to school!  Hooray!  I get to sleep and extra 30 minutes which is GREAT because I am having a hard time falling asleep.  Anyway, I needed to make Jude's lunch, so, instead of putting it off to the morning I went downstairs and fixed it.  I got half a piece of bread with Nutella out of the deal : )  Not bad not bad!

Anyway, I am licking the Nutella off the bread (which I just did so I could write that) and wanting to sleep.  However, I am awake and want to talk to someone.  Most of the people I talk to are at camp.  Either that, or they won't answer their phone (my roommate).  Okok, so I guess there are a FEW people I could call.  My parents, an aunt or uncle, one of my cousins, but I am too tired.  See, this is a tired that stinks.  I want to do something or talk to someone but I am too tired to make it happen.

I have begin to work on my Germany plans!  Let me tell you!  I am SOOO excited!  I have to write down a list of what I need to do (that is for Daddy).  I also need to clean my room.  Blech.  Alright.  I will now finish my Nutella on bread and HOPEFULLY go to sleep!

Guten Nacht!

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