Sunday, July 18, 2010

Let's Go to Jamaica!

Yes, well, you see, I decided I needed some beach and island music so I hopped a plane and....

Haaaa, just kidding (note: please read with The Nanny's voice)!!!

However, I did get a dose of Caribbean church today.  Although, in all reality, it was not too too different from a good black church in America.  I say this not to compare it to the United States but to give the Americans reading this something familiar to know what I am talking about.

Anyway, we walked in (we meaning Mary, Tim, Jude, Julia, and yours truly) and I immediately recognized the song being sung.  I jumped right in and sang and swayed away.  Yes, I love these churches!    We sing a while, and the thing that is great is how we sang such a variety of songs, yes, even hymns : )  We sang Great is Thy Faithfulness!  I LOVE this hymn and have not sung it in a while.  I was reminded, as I always am when I sing this hymn, that I have never lacked anything I needed.  God ALWAYS provides.  Lately this has been a hard truth to believe.  It is even as I type this because in the back of my mind I have something that has yet to be provided.  I realized a few weeks ago that I have not been able to totally trust God just in case it didn't happen.  In my head I was saying, "What if...?"  Yet, when I think about it, God is THE ONLY person in whom we can put our WHOLE TRUST!  It is hard. Very hard. Sometimes. Other times....psh easy peasy. But not right now.

Anyway, church was lovely!  I thought A LOT all through the service!  I observed people.  The USA was not mentioned.  How interesting.  There were a few USA flags but that was it.

The service began at 11:15 (we were about 15 minutes late) and ended just before 2 (it did run a little longer than usual).  Some of you may be freaking out at the mere thought, but, it did not feel that long.  The people were just lovely!

I was sitting there wanting to be black.  I even wondered if it was possible to go from white to black (yes, I did JUST think of Michael Jackson as I typed that.  I didn't earlier.) I mean, they can do transgender surgery (NO I am not advocating transgender surgery.  I am against it.  Just covering that base in case anyone misinterpreted what I was saying), why not change a person's color.  However, I decided it would not be worth the trouble.  Besides, it is not like they could change my hair.  And, I like my hair most of the time. And my eyes.  So, I will just work on getting tanner ; ) (And yes, I was thinking about this and MUCH more during church!  My mother got it right the other day when she told me I think about a million things in X amount of time (meaning I don't remember how long she said).

AND during one of the songs we sang you could hear the Jamaican accent in some of the words!

This is all. Oh, I skyped with my brother for 45 minutes (I think)!  It was so great to talk to him! He got a Taylor Lautner haircut (no, don't think any less of him, he is not a Twilight fan or anything like that.  The style looks good on him!)!  My cousin and I still think he looks like Zac Efron in the first High School Musical.  Well, there goes being able to think Zac Efron is attractive.  It is very strange seeing your brother's or cousin's face in a movie star.  Just wait though, one of these days he will be a Pro Baseball player!  Yep, we have already requested the private jet, shoes, hand bags, and cars = )
I mean, hey, Daddy gets a house!  Michael, you should have a swimming pool put in!  And hurry up already!  I mean, if you go pro at 21 I will only be 25...this could be fun!

Okokok, I am NOW finished.

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