Saturday, July 31, 2010


I am in Bristol for the weekend visiting Grampaw : )

We are having a wonderful time!  Well, at least I am!

The house is adorable and surprisingly large.  The city is really quite lovely!  We went to Clifton Down which is a plateau that looks over a gorge!  Absolutely beautiful!  I fall more in love with the countryside in England the more I see of it!

We visited the Amnesty Book Shop where Grampaw volunteers.  I bought nine books.  A learning French book ( figure I need to know a little if I plan to spend a week there), some lovely copies of older books (The Secret Garden and Emma), and then some others (The Railway Children, Anne of Green Gables, a book for a friend on Oriental Cooking, and a copy of Pilgrims Progress from around 1878)!  Oh, and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers : )  And two maps (one of Germany and one from 1957 of France!).  All in all a very profitable time.

It has been really wonderful getting to spend time with him!  I have learned much about our family that I did not know and we have had some lovely conversations!

Dinner in a while and then fireworks, hopefully, late this evening!

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