Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy 175th Anniversary to Tiffany & Co

Hello Everyone!

Today I am celebrating Tiffany & Co.s  175th anniversary on my blog!

In a perfect world I would have a giveaway for something beautiful.
But, it's not, so I'm not.

Instead of a giveaway, I am going to post a few pictures of my own Tiffany pictures and then a few things I like from the Tiffany & Co website.

I've always (since my teen years) wanted a ring from Tiffany & Co.  People have teased me and told me, "You'd better marry a rich man."

One day I went ring shopping with a friend and decided it didn't have to be from Tiffany.  But, I certainly wouldn't complain if it was.

My dream ring was their six prong Tiffany setting with white gold or platinum.
Image found here

It is still a lovely ring.  But, now I think I may have a new favourite!
The Lucida® with Diamond Band.
Please notice how the wedding band lies flush against the engagement ring.  It bothers me when there is a gap.
Found Image Here

This last ring is listed under their engagement rings (and it would be lovely for someone), however, I think it would be a great right-hand-for-fun-ring.
The Jean Schlumberger Rope Ring, ladies and gents.
Image found here.
That concludes my favourite Tiffany rings.
Next I am going to share a few Tiffany moments of my own.

Taken during my first day in Central London after moving over in Summer 2010
Pretty, isn't it!
So, I was going to post a picture of Tiffany & Co. from while I was in NYC...and I cannot believe it, but I didn't get one.  I am horrified.  And confused.

Anyway, later this evening I am going to celebrate by dressing up, wearing a diamond ring, putting on my tiara, drinking Pink Champagne, eating dark chocolate, and watching Breakfast at Tiffanys!

Happy Celebrating!


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