Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Dream Job


I'm back this evening to write my next blog challenge: my dream job.
Really?  I wish I knew.

Since I can't name my dream job, I will list some interests that I have and that I would like to have as aspects of my job.

-People interaction
-Maybe some photography
-Fast-paced environment
-Fun co-workers
-Located in Europe

Next I am going to list some perks that would be nice:

-Hob-nobbing with some celebrities
-Access to places the public doesn't...or at least before they do

And, who knows what else.
I have ideas of jobs that would be fabulous for me.

From what I've said above, do you have any ideas?
I would love to hear them!



P.S. It would be  amazing to be a part of Vogue...somehow.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you!
      I loved the skirt because it reminded me of one my grandmother gave me when I was little.

  2. love the color pop with your shoes!


    stop by for a visit,
    lydia from vintage2vogue


  3. We have very similar interests :) Last week I got taken to a photo shoot with a local Toronto celeb and I was very nervous about it but it was really fun!! I feel so fancy sometimes at this internship and am excited to see where it takes me! Stick to your guns!

  4. Replies
    1. I've definitely thought about that, and I think I would love it! I get a thrill from planning events.
      It would be fun!

      Thanks for the suggestion and for stopping by!


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