Sunday, September 9, 2012

In Other News

Dear Bloggy World,

I am going to be doing a 27 day blog challenge, during which time I will write about 27 different topics.  I may alter ideas depending on their applicability to my life.  But, I am very excited to write about specific things instead of whatever happened during the day or suits my fancy.

Rather than giving the topics ahead of time, you will just have to be surprised!

And, some other fun news, I'll be having another guest blogger this week!
I will also be featured on her blog.
But, as these happen I will post to inform you.

Tomorrow I am going to be finger printed and have a TB test for substitute teaching.

Later in the day I will be glued to the television to watch the U.S. Open Men's Finals.
Murray vs. Djokovic
I am cheering Murray all the way!

Have a wonderful week!



P.S.  If you like reading my blog (and statistically I know you do), please take the time to follow!  Thanks!

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