Monday, September 10, 2012

Like, Like, Like


Last night I told you all about my 27 day blog challenge.
Today's challenge is to write about 10 likes.
A little vague, but I can work with that.

1.  Cary Grant.  I like Cary Grant.  He is (was) handsome, daper, English (from Bristol), funny, suave, versatile in his roles, and one of the best actors the screen has ever known.  I will forever be a fan (and will live in denial over any skeletons he may have had).

2.  Christian Louboutin red-soled shoes.  It's a dream of mine to own a pair.  They are gorgeous, comfy (so I've heard), and classy (the pumps).  The red-soles add spice to walking down the street.

3.  My cats.  Rillian and Caspian are cuddly and precious.  They are so sweet when they cuddle together.

4.  Fall in the Virginia mountains.  Fall arrived yesterday.  I'm elated.  The trees have changed shades of green, causing me to believe they are preparing to become hued with red, yellow, and orange.

5.  Diamonds.  I just really really like them.  I don't care if they come in a tiara, a ring, a necklace, a bracelet, or earrings.  I love when Matthew McConaughey says, "Frost yourself."  Yes please.

6.  Laughing.  Forget like, I love to laugh. Till my stomach hurts and tears role down my face.  Or till I hyperventilate (which has happened...and can be a little scary).

7.  England.  Germany.  France (never been, but still).  Europe.  Like the chocolate, countryside, and cities.  I am anticipating moving there.  Oh, that will be a beautiful day.

8.  Earl Grey Tea.  Mmmm, smells scrumptious, tastes amazing, chic.  I am ready for tea with the Queen (just waiting for my invitation).

9.  Chocolate.  The dark stuff.

10.  Pink champagne.  Mmmm.  Classy, chic, and DELICIOUS!

Well, there you go, my ten likes.
Tune in tomorrow for #2 blog challenge.


  1. I smiled at "Frost Yourself". HA!! Miss you, girl.

    1. : ) Thanks, Rachel!
      And, I miss you guys, too!
      Olive is precious! If I'm through your part of NC, I will let you know so maybe we can get together.


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