Saturday, September 8, 2012

Augustine and Anne: Separated by Reality and Centuries

I've begun re-reading Augustine's Confessions.

I read part of them for a class my Freshman year of college (I was supposed to read them all).
Then, last year in Medieval Philosophy, I read most of them again (except for part of book XII and all of book XIII).

During in-class discussions my sight was broadened.  I began to see the bigger picture and themes of the book.  I'm thankful for that, because when reading something deep and new, it can be difficult for me to see the overlying themes.

Thanks to Augustine, I realized my whole life I had unconsciously assumed Heaven was eternal (I know, I know, the old Heaven and Earth will pass away).  But, by reading Augustine I realized, Heaven, as does everything else, exists because God sustains it.

I was flipping through the pages the other night and an excerpt underlined in blue ink jumped out to me.  It said,
"For though they cling together, no friends are true friends unless you, my God, bind them fast to one another through that love which is sown in our hearts by the Holy Ghost, who is given to us." (Book IV, section iv)
While reading it a particular friendship came to mind, but after pondering it a while longer, many friendships came to mind.  Anne Shirley would call them a kindred spirit.  I have different levels of friendships with people.  However, I am truly thankful for a handful of friendships that will continue (I hope and pray) despite distance, time, age, decisions, spouses, children, etc.

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