Thursday, September 13, 2012

ILL and WC: Try to Guess These Acronyms

Blog Challenge Day 4:  Favourite Shows

Probably the first two things that pop into mind:

-I Love Lucy
-White Collar

I Love Lucy is hilarious.

White Collar is witty, intellectual, hilarious, and attention grabbing (there is a word I can't think of).

My favourite I Love Lucy episodes are when they are in California and when they move to the country.  I love the backdrop, the setting, the relaxed mode, and the change of pace from NYC.

One of my favourite episodes is when Talula Bankhead moves into their neighborhood in Connecticut.

You know how some people reference the office for everything?
I reference I Love Lucy.
It goes like this, "Oh, that is like in I Love Lucy when..." <---fill in the dot dot dot with current topic.

My favourite White Collar...I have to think about that.  One of them is from the current season, when Mozzie thinks there is a conspiracy group still around from the 1700's.  Hilarious.  So Mozzie.  And everyone is fooled.

Fedora donning, skinny tie wearing, tailored suit flaunting Neal Caffrey is a huge factor.

Peter and Elle.  I love them.

It is just the most fabulous show (and, I am proud to say, I have hooked many a person...well, at least a few).

P.S. A scene in White Collar was filmed in the foyer of the building where I lived in NYC!
When I saw that, I kind of freaked out, took a screen shot, and put it on FB.

The inside

The outside...


  1. i love you in the i love lucy items! i watched that show a lot as a kid - i used to fall asleep to nick at nite so i have seen almost every i love lucy, green acres, wonder years, etc.

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

    1. Thanks!

      Actually, the picture was taken at Universal Studips in the I Love Lucy store.
      The first time I ever went (11 years ago, almost), my brother and I got to be in a street show with Lucy and Ricky!


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