Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Not Exactly My Favourite

Keeping with my 27 Day Blog Challenge, today's theme is: 10 Dislikes.

I can easily come up with 10 dislikes, but I am also hesitant to write them all.  When I was young I had to say lots of "thankfuls" when I complained.  So, I am not going to write complaints, but will write dislikes.

1.  I don't like licorice.  At all.  It is an awful flavor to put in my mouth.

2.  Losing.  This doesn't need an explanation.

3.  Mushrooms.  Raw they look pretty but icky.  Cooked they are squishy.  I can tolerate them cooked, but that is all.

4.  Rap music.  It is not my favourite.

5.  Poorly made movies, of any kind.

6.  Uncomfortable shoes.  But, if you read my first post in the blog challenge, you know what shoes I like.

7.  Boring books.  Writing description can be fun and make me feel creative, but reading it?  Oy.  I need dialogue.

8.  Legalism.

9.  Dogs licking my face.  It is wet and sticky and gross.

10.  When schedules get behind (I know, I do this too).

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