Tuesday, September 11, 2012

History: Murray is in the Books

Yesterday was the best.
I felt a jittery excitement until almost nine o'clock last night.
The feeling returned this morning, slightly curbed.

Unless you know me well or are a tennis enthusiast, you may be asking yourself why?

Four o'clock yesterday afternoon, Andy Murray of Great Britain (by way of Scotland) and Novak Djokovic of Serbia walked into Arthur Ashe Stadium to battle each other in the U.S. Open Men's Final.  Unbeknownst to the millions of viewers and listeners around the world, the match would become the longest in U.S. Open history and Andy Murray would win his first Grand Slam and become the first British male to win a Grand Slam since 1936.

It was an excruciating match that had my blood pressure much higher than normal.  My cousin Jess was awake in England listening to the match as she and I chatted back and forth on Facebook, at times rejoicing and others commiserating.

I was anticipating tears of joy and excitement when he won.  However, no tears came.  Just pure excitement, and wondering whether or not the Queen stayed up to watch the match.

Murray's initial response to winning was a refreshing change from the typical falling on the ground done by many winners.  He internalized and tried to wrap his mind around it.  He played excellently, and made me proud to be partially British!

Today I am still happy, excited, and looking forward to Wimbledon next year!

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I love the joy on his mom's and GF's faces!

So proud!

This is a sweet picture!

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