Thursday, September 13, 2012

When Boys Burp at the Table

I felt oh so smart-alecky and wise today; kind of like that hippie, fun, stylish teacher who has witty comments in response to her student's antics.

On my second lunch duty (6th and 7th grade), I had a table of four boys.  Suddenly, I heard a loud belch followed by eight eyes looking at me.
I ignored it.
It happened again.
Still ignoring (with maybe a "teacher face" sent their direction).
A third time.
Nonchalantly, I bide my time, stand, walk around my table, pause to speak to some girls, and continue to where the culprits were sitting.

I stood at the end of their tabel, paused dramatically, and then stated my "teacherly/worldly/smarty-pants" line (that I had rehearsed), "There are countries in the world," , "where it is customary to burp to show a meal was satisfactory.  But this is not one of them.  Please refrain from burping, but if you do, please say excuse me."


Ha!  I felt awesome.  And so grown up.

I rather enjoy being on this side of the table.


  1. All I have to say is Im LMAO!!!!!
    Go girl!!! You teach those boys some manners.

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