Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Favourite Clothes!

Today's blog challenge is to write about my favourite article of clothing.

This topic has many sub-topics.  My favourite item because of nostalgia, beauty, frequent wearing, currently own, used to own, owned at some point in life?  You can see where I run into a problem.
I am just going to answer in several topics because, as I've said in the past, I don't like choosing!

*Disclaimer: "article of clothing" is being translated into shoes, too*

So, my favourite article of clothing for nostalgia's sake is a pair of black ballet flats I bought in 2007 from Aeropostale.  I finally HAD to throw them away.  They had lost all ability to hold their own shape.  But, I was loathe to toss them as they had traipsed all over Europe with me.  We had memories from the Alps to the streets of Italia.  Every other time I thought about throwing them away, the memories won out.  Last semester I finally put them in the rubbish.
Fall 2010; Photo Credit: Katharine Hormann
My favourite clothing for beauty's sake is my "Charger Dress."  I fell in love with this beautiful, tangerine dress when I was in 7th grade.  At the time it was a bit too large.  But, I was able to wear it for a pageant that year.  Two years later I wore it in another pageant (winning that time).  Then, for my Senior prom, after putting another dress on hold, I decided to wear it a third time.  It is just such a lovely dress.  The reason we called it the "Charger Dress" is because the local school, and where I graduated, had a Charger as their mascot.
Prom 2008 at The Homestead
My favourite item for frequent wearing is a navy skirt with while polka dots I bought from H&M while in NYC in May.  I saw it and loved it.  It reminds me of a navy skirt with white stars my grandma gave me when I was little.
See that cute lady with me?  She has the best boutique ever!  It's where I bought the Charger Dress!
So, there you have it, three of my favourite items to wear!

The Dirndl is from a thrift shop in Regensburg, Germany.
The "Charger Dress" is from Laura's Boutique Ltd. Hot Springs, VA!  Hit it up if you are ever up there!
The skirt, shirt, and belt I am wearing are from Forever 21, and the shoes are from H&M.

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