Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Throwback Night

My beautiful dress, circa 2008!
Tonight went far better than I anticipated.  I was covering the Young Miss Queen of Hearts pageant.  I was in this pageant nine years ago.  Nine years ago, my Charger Dress debuted on the stage of Curfman Hall.  I realized this tonight.  My favorite part of the pageant is always the evening gowns.  However, tonight was extra special.  Of course, no dress on that stage compared to mine ; )

Thoughts from the night:
1.  The girls were a good age, sweet, lacking airs, and most of their dresses were not too short (although, a few were too long).
2.  Honeys, please learn where your hand goes on your hip.  Hip does not mean thigh; it means where the hip meets the waist.
3.  Little girl heels are cute.
4.  As I say at every pageant, stay away from the flats.  From the audience, it looks like your heels have sunk into the stage.
5.  Let's lessen the entertainment.  It is a pageant, not a talent show.
6.  Just hire Amanda and me to run the pageant and teach the girls how to walk and pose.  Seriously, "pageant coach" means nothing to me anymore.

Now I'm home.
The stars are beautiful tonight.
Bed soon.
Church in the morning.
Maybe the Maple Festival?

Happy losing an hour of sleep!

1 comment:

  1. Maple Festival!! Was that really a year ago that we did that? Crazy!


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