Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It's Duck Night!

Do you find yourself more tired than usual on the nights you want to stay up later?
This dilemma keeps presenting itself to me on Wednesday nights.  AKA, Duck Dynasty night.

Tonight, I was unable to keep my eyes open just after nine.  I took a cat nap--the kind where you doze but don't quite sleep.  I was aware, but wanted to stay in sleep mode (even though I wasn't sleeping).

I woke up and watched the new episode of Duck Dynasty about ten minutes into the episode.  The second new episode was my favorite.  Poor Sadie had to go shopping with her dad AND Uncle Si, and all because Willie thought her dress was too short.  She is his little girl.  But, Uncle Si did a great job with his heart-to-heart conversation about her growing up.

Favorite quote of the night:

"I'm so dope, I'm illegal in 55 states." ~Uncle Si

P.S.  Did you know Uncle Si is married?  I have a feeling his wife deserves a medal!  Here is a great article sharing the family's perspective on the show.

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