Monday, March 4, 2013

Just a Snippet

I know it's fuzzy, but it was so pretty the other morning.
Tomorrow my students are in for a surprise : )

I'm pretty excited.

Snow is supposed to grace our lovely mountains this week.
My feelings are mixed.  I don't want to miss my students, but snow is so pretty.

Growth hurts.
But, I'm thankful (sometimes) for the process.

I've realized, I am content.
I love being in BC.  I love subbing.  I love writing for the paper.  I love the friendships I'm cultivating.

I love spending so much time with the Shaver's.
It's been a long time since I've spent extended lengths of time at their house, but I'm family.  It's another place I call home.

I got to take Lindsay to school this morning.
I used to babysit her...and now I am driving her to HIGH SCHOOL!

I"m so glad I don't know the plans God has for my life.
Frustrating as it may be sometimes, I enjoy the adventure and surprise.

Have I mentioned I love my students?  They are funny, smart, encouraging...and gems.

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