Thursday, March 14, 2013

He Really Looked Like Prince Charles

You have several awkward moments in a week?
I had several awkward moments in...two hours!

-Yesterday Jamison and I were supposed to meet for lunch after I finished subbing.  While waiting for her to arrive, it dawned on me, what if she was at the other Cucci's?  I realized we hadn't specified which one, I'd just assumed since I told her I was subbing.  Panic hit, and I frantically began to call her.  She didn't answer.  Finally, she picked up...well, her purse answered--and she walked in.  It turns out, she had wondered the same thing.

-Sitting, eating, talking.  Three State Troopers walked in.  I looked past Jamison, noticed them, and made a face--the kind of face that could be misinterpreted as "ooo, they are hot."  Jamison noticed and started laughing at me.  I had to explain my State Trooper encounter a few weeks ago.  No, I was not into the officers, just struck by the personal the day before, when I started to speed and decided that with 50+ officers around me, I should avoid speeding.

-Still facing everyone walking into the room, I looked past Jamison's shoulder as an older couple walked by.  I stopped listening to her talk as my brain started to spin.  The man behind her looked so familiar, but I couldn't place him.  Then I remembered.  Prince Charles!  No, wait, that can't be right.  Prince Charles would not be eating here...nor is he in the USA.  This guy sitting next to us looked like him!  I quickly texted her--across the table--to let her know why I had slightly freaked, and promptly started laughing.

A picture for your amusement:
I shared it with a friend who taught me to play chess--and knows about my State Trooper encounters

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