Friday, March 22, 2013

Dear Friday: It's Been a Good Week

Dear Friday, you've arrived and I get to be at the high school!  This makes me very happy.
Dear Week, you've been a roller coaster: a snow day, working on stuff for the paper, substitute teaching, and growing relationships.
Dear Jamison, I love our friendship, although, we should work on taking our own advice ;)
Dear Duck Dynasty, I love watching you.  Can't you come on more often?  I mean, who wants to watch Storage Wars, anyway?
Dear Students, you all are my favorites!  I am happiest subbing when I am at BCHS.
Dear Car, I'm taking you for an alignment...I must be growing up if I'm taking the car to the mechanic.
Dear Spring, Please arrive!  I don't want another snow storm.
Dear Weekend, here is to all the fun things I've yet to plan but hope to do!


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