Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Festivals are Happy Places!

Sunday afternoon, Amanda and I drove into the wild, blue yonder/end of the earth/Highland County.

It's actually not the end of the earth, but since it is the last county before hitting WV (north and west), we joke that it feels like the end of the earth.

Two weekends in March are the Highland County Maple Festival.
Worlds collide...for real.  It's like country meets hippie meets tidy tourist.
i.e. locals, hippies, and folks from NOVA (note: generalization)

We drove up from Bath County after church, stopping for delicious pancakes and sausage in Bolar).  Seriously, best place to stop for pancakes!

The drive, though a tad long, is absolutely beautiful!  It feels like you are in Great Britain at times.

While riding and talking, Amanda and I noted the lack of State Troopers...and how we hadn't seen many at all in a while (you need to understand, there was a chunk of days a few weeks ago where they were EVERYWHERE).  When we arrived in Monterey, what should we see but two or three State Trooper cars sitting on the corner.  I commented that I could feel free to speed home since we knew where they were.

Snow was on the ground, and the air was warm.  A perfect festival day.  We walked around, looked in all the stalls, saw people we knew, chatted, and had a kind of perfect day.  I love living in a place where you go to events and see so many people you know.

Oh, did I mention I wore my fabulous yellow wellies?  I felt invincible.  I walked through puddles and mud knowing my feet would be perfectly clean when I took my boots off : )

Bolar pancakes...mmm!

Amanda enjoying her first Maple Fest pancakes...EVER!

Look at that deliciousness

Eating my pancakes...sooo good!

Franklin, Elkins...see, end of the earth!  Staunton saves it, though ; )

Want to grow your own mushrooms?

Grilling up a storm

Doing something with wood


Reminded me of Venice

My wellies!  Love bright colors!

Walking along 220

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