Saturday, March 9, 2013

Synonyms: Saturday, Pageants

As I prepare to cover my fourth pageant (yes, you heard correctly), I've been more excited.
There are things I would rather be doing than watching 20 girls walk across a stage, smile and look too hard at the judges, and not understand what too short means.

But, I'm thankful for a job, and I'm glad I am a pageant girl, so I can at least entertain myself critiquing outfits and trying to pick the winners.

Next week should come with normalcy.  I have several events to cover and at least one day subbing (hopefully more!).

This morning I awoke at 6:45, crawled out of the basement, and enjoyed a morning of movies with Lala.  We needed a day to lounge (not like we haven't had snow days all week).  But, today was Saturday.  It was nice to pop in a movie and not be at the mercy of a terrible television selection.  We enjoyed A Beautiful Mind...and I enjoyed most of The Dead Poets Society.  I need to finish it later (I have seen it before).

And, yes, I am keeping up my cute outfits for the pageants (sorry I am so terrible about posting them).

P.S. I was bummed when I realized I wouldn't be home tonight...just in case Duck Dynasty is on.  Oh, you didn't know I was a fan?  Mmm, more on that later.

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