Friday, March 22, 2013

How Do You Respond To That?

Today was pretty spectacular with only a few down moments.

Yesterday I didn't have a subbing job.
This morning, they called the house.
When Pastor Steve told me I was subbing for Ms. Hodge (he took the call and accepted for me), he said, "Since you're subbing for Ms. Hodge, you can learn to cook like Miss Kay."  Haha.  Hilarious.  Love Duck Dynasty references.

In no particular order, my highlights:
-Coining a new fashion phrase.  Jungle-chic.  Hold the phone while I call Vogue.  They will be all over this.  And, I have the founding model for them.
-Sitting with a group of my awesome students at lunch.  We laughed so much!
-Chase getting me lotion.  (He got me chocolate yesterday).
-Walking through the hallway and hearing "Miss Richardson" from behind me.  Tanner wanted to show me something.
-A student forgot my name.  What do they come up with?  "Miss Hot Teacher Lady."  I tried to not laugh...but how do you respond to that?
-Picking up Rebecca for school!  I love having company in the car.

And, just because, my attempt at brownies from a Pinterest recipe.
They didn't turn out so hot...

1 comment:

  1. haha I don't remember thinking any of the teachers were hot when I was at school haha!!


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