Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Life in a Snow Globe: Guns, Police, What?

I'm half-way living in a surreal world.
The feeling you get after finishing a book or a television series you've marathoned?
That's how I feel.

For two and a half hours today, I was in a snow globe.
I watched the jaws of life (at least I think they were the jaws of life) break a car door off.
I watched police carry out search tactics while they hunted a shooter.
A man-hunt happened around me, and I calmly walked in front of guns (ok, that was kind of weird since I've always been taught not to walk in front of guns--they were not loaded), took pictures, scribbled notes, and enjoyed being able to get close to the action, ask questions, observe, and not be told to leave.

It was like being in a crime television show...except I knew some of the people wearing the uniforms.

Plus, it's always fun to be someplace others aren't allowed (the park was closed for the day).

When I drove out this morning, I looked in my rear view mirror and saw an ambulance and rescue car.  I pulled over, let them pass, and wondered if it was real or part of the mock disaster.  All mock.

I feel like I lived an adventure.  But, when I think about it, it wasn't real.  I'm in a slight quandary over the whole thing.

But, it was informative, fascinating, and made for a fun article to write!

P.S. This was a mock disaster exercise.  I covered it for the paper.

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