Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cousin Date Night

Last night I covered my third pageant.  Instead of going by myself, I decided to make it a cousin's date.  It was so fun telling Abi about the pageant, the different outfits the girls would wear, and what Miss Congeniality meant (turns out, Aunt Anna already explained it to her).

Abi came prepared.  The poor thing has been sick, so she brought a bag with tissues, a water bottle, mints for her cold, a coloring book, and crayons.  During intermission she drew me a picture.

*Side note: I full out ran in five inch heels.  It was awesome.*

Of course, my favorite part is the evening gown competition.  Abi liked it, too!  So far, of the three pageants, this one had the best gown selection, although taffeta still showed up.

I found myself imagining what each girl felt like when she put on the dress and saw herself for the first time.  When you find the perfect dress, it is a moment of such joy.  Of course, maybe their dresses weren't the "perfect dress", just a very nice dress.

When the reigning queen took her final walk, I got choked up.  I remember the night I gave up my crown.  I don't remember if I cried.  I remember thinking part way through the year that I wouldn't want to give away the crown.  But, by the time the night arrived, I was ready.  Plus, I got to crown a good friend!

After the pageant, I grabbed some info for my article.  Abi came on stage with me to take a picture for the paper.  One of the photographers asked if she was my daughter.  Nope.  Cousin.  She said we looked related, especially with our hair on top of our heads.

With the pageant behind us, we went to Applebees for dessert.  We ordered a yummy, warm, fudgy chocolate cake with ice cream (and NO nuts).  Yep, definitely related.  Nuts do not mix with chocolate or ice cream.


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