Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Invincibility Was Shaken

As many of you know, it snowed on Palm Sunday.
Instead of hating, I am doing my best to enjoy the mountains coated in white.

Yesterday I went to Covington to do some stuff for the paper. 
I'd barely left the driveway (that Pastor Steve plowed so Lala and I could do our errands), and I decided I wanted to stop and take a picture.  Pulling over, it dawned on me that I might not be able to get out of the snow.  I did, without taking out a mailbox or two!

After dinner last night, Trey, Bella, and I went traipsing (my current favorite word to describe what we did) through the snow.  I wore my yellow wellies.  Wellies are supposed to be water proof.  To show off my invincibility, I stood in the creek.  I had the sensation of cold water running over my feet.  At first I wondered if I was just feeling the cold through the rubber.  Then I realized, water was leaking into my boots through the awesome zipper.

No longer do I feel quite as invincible.

Trey and Bella had quite the wrestling match.  Actually, if we are friends on Facebook, you should look at the pictures very quickly to get the full affect.

All in all, a beautiful time.
It ended in tranquilly walking home.
Trey and I drank hot chocolate.
And I baked cookies.
Chocolate chip cookies.

The mailbox I worried about knocking over.

Such beautiful scenery.

These mountains amaze me.  The God who made them amazes me even more!

Winter Wonderland...in Spring

Beautiful Falls.

Cousins walking in the snow.  They are besties : )

It happened.  See my sad face?


Wrestling match!

Look at his cute freckles!

Love these kids.  They are basically family.

Proof we were all there!

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