Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It Finally, Truly Snowed

The BC Snow Storm 2013 arrived last night, resulting in no school today or tomorrow.

Since I part of the family, I was given the task of folding laundry.
I made a laundry wall around myself.
I Skyped with Kristy and Marie.
Then, we sat around and watched a good movie (it got me crying at the end).

This afternoon, Trey and I went and played in the snow.
It seemed only right to make a snow man...since there is 10" of snow on the ground.
Oh, don't worry, we threw snow balls at each other (and last night, too)!

I'm a experiencing a little cabin fever......
But, I'll get over it.

Enjoy a few fun pics!

Playing in the snow last night

So fun!  Pajamas and snow!

A patch of blue sky was showing.

Too much wet snow for sledding : (

Thanks for clearing behind my car, Pastor Steve!

The snow(wo)man I built!

The new Pope...bringing pink to the Vatican

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