Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thoughts and Moments From My Mind


-Has Disney Channel always been this immature, or have they reached a new low?
-I heard this quote during first period on Susan Boyle (and their thoughts on her lack of attractiveness): “Every woman needs loving.” ---well, maybe you had to have been there.
-Are teachers allowed to have a no gossip rule?  I would love it.  Except, I know I would break it.
-Some things are so hard to make myself do.  Seriously.  What is my problem?
-I want to leave a lipstick print on a glass window sometime.  You know, a red, perfect print.
-Other than family, it is rare to find people you can tolerate and enjoy for long periods of time.  I'm thankful to have found that with the Shaver's.

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