Saturday, February 2, 2013

Breakfast...For All Meals

Breakfast foods are my favorite.
Whether muesli, yogurt, and fruit, pancakes, an omelet, I just love breakfast foods...for all meals.

When I sometimes plan my wedding, I play with the idea of a morning wedding followed by a brunch reception (thanks to the recent champagne brunch I attended, I'm leaning that direction even more).

This afternoon I turned on TLC's Four Weddings.  I don't love the show, but I was bored.  One of the receptions had a Bacon Bar.  Seriously, A BACON BAR!  How fun?  Actually, my first reaction was, I have to tell Deborah!  My second reaction was, that is not kosher (I'm not Jewish).  Then, as I was writing on Deborah's Facebook, I began to think of all the options.  Don't just think about the strips of yummy goodness.  Go the next step and think of the variety!  Crispy, chewy, maple, turkey....

Her finace's response was the best, " If you advertise that you want a bacon bar at your wedding, you probably will have a wedding sooner, if you know what I mean..."  

I will have to keep that in mind.

So, back to breakfast.  I made a rocking omelet tonight (albeit, a tad over done on the outside).

I started with some bits of onion in the skillet.  Then, I tore up lots of spinach (YUM!) and let that cook down.  Next, I poured my scrambled eggs with pepper into the pan and added more spinach.  A sprinkling of feta, and I let it cook.

With a side of rye toast, half marmited, and a cup of tea, my dinner, while Skyping with Deborah, was scrumptious!

P.S. What if I had an omelet or egg bar with different jars of Marmite for people to use???  I could at least decorate the bar with them ;)


  1. The option of Marmite will hasten the nuptials even more quickly than bacon!!!

  2. it was great until the Marmite! haha! Mr D would like it though...

    1. You don't like Marmite? Oh, hm, I am sorry. It is such a wonderful addition : )

  3. Breakfast is my favorite too! Looks like you had a great meal, and great inner conversation too.

  4. yum. i love breakfast. I could eat breakfast any time of the day.. my husband disagrees.

    1. Haha, I also know some people who don't love it. But, it is typically a lighter, more delicious set of food (not always, but often).


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