Friday, February 8, 2013

In a Writing Rut

Writing is therapeutic.
It is my creative outlet...that leaves me satisfied.

Do you remember the line from Little Women where Jo talks about having so many stories in her head?

I don't...have 20 ideas in my head, that is.  I remember the line...hence bringing it up : )

But, I do have several.

My problem is completing them.  I was never good at writing conclusions to my papers in school.  It seems that same issue presents itself in my creative writing.

Sometimes, my beginning is so only goes downhill from there.
Other times, I have an incredible idea, story, something that I want to portray beautifully to the world.  How can I put it all to words?

I've tried brainstorming, outlining, etc.  It helps to an extent...but, I am still stumped.

Any thoughts or ideas you have to share would be appreciated!

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