Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday's Letters: SNOW DAY!

Snowy Day...but no sledding :(

Dear Friday, I was supposed to sub today....and then it snowed.  YAY SNOW DAY!

Dear February, Welcome.  It's crazy that we are already a month into 2013.

Dear Weather, You tantalized me with Spring and then snatched it away.  I don't mind too much...but a good foot of snow would be appreciated!

Dear Town Council Meetings, You provide some chuckles for me.

Dear Small Town Living, Seriously, you make me want to write a book.  Maybe one day.

Dear Me, Writing and editing have been fun this week.  Keep it up!

Dear Life, Let's work on some exciting additions.  Ok? =)

Dear Brain, I know, we need to get a giant chalk board or dry erase board to help keep us organized.

Happy Snow Day and Happy February!

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  1. I miss small town living!! I use to live in a town of 400. I loved every bit of it!

  2. Happy Snow Day!! All of the schools around my district were either delayed or cancelled, EXCEPT for mine Ridiculous. Enjoy the day, and happy February!!

  3. My husband grew up in a small town. I always find it interesting to say the least when we visit!

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