Saturday, February 9, 2013

You See Romance...I See a Reaction

Sometimes I see a picture, and all I can think of are the technicalities.

An example:

Below is a lovely wedding photo.  Romantic.  Celebratory.  Lovey.
BUT, notice her dress.  All romantic, encircling the bride and groom.  What does this mean for the bride?  The poor thing is getting all scratched and itchy from the grass and leaves!

Source: via Kate on Pinterest

I'm done with my dose of reality (I know, usually I'm like, "Stop!  Don't ruin it!")


  1. This made me laugh. I am hopelessly practical in some ways, (I wash my ziplock bags & re-use them), and SO unpractical in others... making food that is ridiculously unnecessary, and staying up all night to do so, b/c it is just-so-appropriate for whatever occasion I am making it for! I love how you express yourself!

    1. The idiosyncrasies are what make us all special :)


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